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Campaign Updates

PHOTOS: Dolphins at SeaWorld Orlando Seen With Open Wounds, Scars

After recent photos showed evidence of apparent federal Animal Welfare Act violations, we’re urging the USDA to investigate the “abusement” park immediately.

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PETA’s Proposed Pokémon Parody Takes On SeaWorld

In “Pokémon: SeaWorld Edition,” stand on your Pokémon’s face, just like the real-life trainers at SeaWorld parks! Water-type Pokémon won’t know what hit them.

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Victory! United Airlines Grounds SeaWorld Ticket Sales

United Airlines confirmed that it has stopped selling SeaWorld tickets and removed all mentions of the park from its United Vacations website.

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Victory! Virgin Holidays Cuts Ties With SeaWorld, Whale and Dolphin Parks

The travel giant has said that it will end its partnership with notorious animal “abusement” parks such as SeaWorld and Discovery Cove.

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‘CBS Whistleblower’ Discusses SeaWorld Cruelty With Former Orca Trainers

John Hargrove and two new whistleblowers say their dream job turned into a nightmare.

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Orca Whose Babies Are Dead or Were Abducted Forced to Do Gender Reveal

Forcing Katina to participate in a gender reveal for humans who will be able to stay together and raise their children is especially coldhearted.

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SeaWorld Ordered to Pay Out $11.5 Million to Patrons It Bilked

In a settlement, SeaWorld will have to pay out $11.5 million to patrons who say that the company made fraudulent charges to their credit cards.

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UPDATE: SeaWorld’s Agreements for China-Based Marine Parks Go Kaput

It seems that things have only gone downhill for SeaWorld and Zhonghong Holdings—SeaWorld just canceled its agreements with the property developer. Here’s why.

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PETA Exposes SeaWorld’s Purported ‘Data Release’

This “data release” is SeaWorld’s latest PR flimflam. And like practically everything the company does relating to animals, there are problems with it.

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SeaWorld Is Still Moving Whales Around Like Game Pieces

After promising to stop breeding orcas, SeaWorld is still shuffling beluga whales from park to park and using them to breed more prisoners.

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