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Campaign Updates

PETA Exposes SeaWorld’s Purported ‘Data Release’

This “data release” is SeaWorld’s latest PR flimflam. And like practically everything the company does relating to animals, there are problems with it.

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SeaWorld Is Still Moving Whales Around Like Game Pieces

After promising to stop breeding orcas, SeaWorld is still shuffling beluga whales from park to park and using them to breed more prisoners.

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Raped, Impregnated, and Confined to a Concrete Cell: Meet Takara

Join the call for SeaWorld to send Takara and all the orcas it still confines to seaside sanctuaries today.

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Why the Video of a Dolphin/Trainer ‘Kiss’ at SeaWorld Is Heartbreaking

Dolphins don’t belong on a ledge between two trainers who force them to perform tricks—they belong in the ocean. Find out how to help them.

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Captive Baby Orca Ula May Have Contracted Deadly Infection

Ula isn’t even 5 months old, but she’s apparently suffering from a severe skin disease or infection and has a misshapen head.

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Orca Kayla’s Cause of Death at SeaWorld Announced

SeaWorld Orlando has announced orca Kayla’s cause of death: She reportedly died of “lung disease” in one of the park’s tanks at just 30 years old.

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PETA Has an ‘Orca’ Trapped in a Semi Driving Around San Diego

The optical illusion that PETA created to show tourists why they should say, “Thanks, but no tanks,” to SeaWorld will be there for a month.

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Photos: The Country Is Protesting Outside AAA Offices—Here’s Why

Tell AAA that the orcas, dolphins, polar bears, and penguins imprisoned at SeaWorld are the ones who truly need emergency assistance.

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It’s Been a ‘Horrible July’ for SeaWorld—Here’s Why

Another day, another headline reporting SeaWorld’s sinking ship. This time, though, things are looking extra dismal for the “abusement” park.

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How #BoycottSeaWorldDay Got Everyone Talking About Orcas

From Orlando, Florida, to San Antonio to San Diego—and everywhere in between—this year’s “Boycott SeaWorld” Day didn’t disappoint anyone… except SeaWorld.

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