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Campaign Updates

corkys family of northern resident orcas swimming in the ocean

Corky Is the Last Northern Resident Orca in Captivity—It’s Time for SeaWorld to Return Her to Her Home Waters

For more than 30 years, Corky—the last Northern Resident orca in captivity—has languished in a tiny tank at SeaWorld. Tell the ABUSEment park to send her home!

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60 Years of Abuse at SeaWorld: Meet 60 Animals Who’ve Suffered There

As SeaWorld celebrates its 60th anniversary, PETA names 60 animals who’ve suffered in the company’s tanks. Learn more about the misery they’ve endured.

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pair of orcas breaching, happy and free in the wild, to represent what the life of Corky the orca could have been

What Corky the Orca Has Endured Versus How Her Life Could’ve Been

Comparing the exploited life of Corky the orca with what it could’ve been offers a compassionate perspective. Let PETA inspire you to help her.

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two dolphins confined at SeaWorld, one of whom has a worn-down snout

Another Federal Citation for SeaWorld Orlando Exposes a Pattern of Safety Issues

SeaWorld Orlando has been slapped with yet another federal citation, revealing the facility’s pattern of safety issues. Here’s what officials found in a recent inspection.

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PETA and Christopher von Uckermann protest for Corky the orca

Corky’s Cause: Christopher von Uckermann Joins PETA to Call For Corky’s Freedom

Christopher von Uckermann joined PETA for a powerful demonstration calling for Corky’s release to a seaside sanctuary.

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An orca with drilled teeth at seaworld

Another Day, Another SeaWorld Citation—Why Are Orcas Chewing Paint Chips?

If you were a confined orca with paint chips in your mouth, you might bite a trainer, too. PETA maps the murky waters of this issue and another SeaWorld incident.

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the underside of an orca's chin with text on the image that says RIP Nakai

How Many Dolphins Died at SeaWorld Parks in 2022?

We’re adding up the numbers: How many dolphins, whales, and other cetaceans died at SeaWorld parks in 2022, and how many were shipped overseas?

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dolphins swimming with text that says VICTORY!

Expedia Drops SeaWorld and ‘Swim With Dolphins’ Tickets After PETA Pressure

PETA congratulates Expedia for officially rejecting cruel “swim with dolphins” encounters and SeaWorld prisons.

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two dolphins confined at SeaWorld, one of whom has a worn-down snout

SeaWorld Secretly Shipped 24 Dolphins to Abu Dhabi

If dolphins are healthy enough to be moved across the globe, they’re healthy enough to be released into coastal sanctuaries. Tell SeaWorld to stop exploiting animals.

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