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Campaign Updates

How Many Dolphins Died at SeaWorld Parks in 2022?

We’re adding up the numbers: How many dolphins, whales, and other cetaceans died at SeaWorld parks in 2022, and how many were shipped overseas?

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Expedia Drops SeaWorld and ‘Swim With Dolphins’ Tickets After PETA Pressure

PETA congratulates Expedia for officially rejecting cruel “swim with dolphins” encounters and SeaWorld prisons.

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SeaWorld Just Secretly Shipped 24 Dolphins to Abu Dhabi

If dolphins are healthy enough to be moved across the globe, they’re healthy enough to be released into coastal sanctuaries. Tell SeaWorld to stop exploiting animals.

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Video: Dolphin Left Bleeding After Reported Attack at SeaWorld Orlando

The only way for SeaWorld to prevent future attacks is to release the dolphins to seaside sanctuaries, where they could live in a naturalistic environment.

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PETA Latino Holds Día de los Muertos Vigil for SeaWorld’s Victims

Check out PETA Latino’s provocative vigil for SeaWorld victims and the group’s three “ofrendas” for 500+ dead dolphins and whales this Día de los Muertos.

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PETA Calls For Criminal Charges After Videotaped Orca Attack at SeaWorld

A visitor who witnessed the bloody attack on an orca at SeaWorld San Diego alerted PETA to the horrific incident. Take action for orcas!

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On Opposite Sides of the Glass: Turning 31 With Takara

Takara, an orca exploited at SeaWorld, turns 31 on July 9. I’m also celebrating with 31 candles this month—but our lives couldn’t be more different. As a child, I wore…

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Helen the Dolphin Dies at SeaWorld, Ending Her 26-Year Imprisonment in Aquarium and Marine Park Tanks

After spending most of her life confined to aquarium and marine park tanks, a dolphin has died at SeaWorld San Antonio.

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Did SeaWorld’s Carelessness Kill Orca Amaya? ‘It Could Have Been Avoided,’ a Whistleblower Told PETA

SeaWorld’s cycle of abuse and death continues: Female orcas in the ocean can live up to 80 years, but Amaya—the latest to die in one of the marine park’s cramped tanks—was only 6.

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Infant Orca Ula Dies at Marine Park in Spain—Help Free Her Mother

Ula, an infant orca who never got to experience life outside Loro Parque, is the second orca to die at the “abusement” park this year. Take action for her mother.

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