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  • Corky in front of a crowd at SeaWorld San Diego

    Decades of Suffering: Corky’s Life in Captivity

  • A Seaside Sanctuary Is in the Works! SeaWorld, Time’s Up

    © iStock.com/AlbertoLoyo
  • dolphins

    PETA Exposes SeaWorld’s Sexual Abuse on Animals

  • man on top of two dolphins swimming in a tank at seaworld

    PETA Campaign Ends Cruel ‘Dolphin Surfing’ at SeaWorld

    © dreamstime.com/Paul Brewster
  • SeaWorld Just Secretly Shipped 24 Dolphins to Abu Dhabi

  • dolphin, free, nature, ocean, sea, wild, happy, featured

    HISTORIC: TripAdvisor Denounces SeaWorld, Marine Mammal Captivity

  • How Many SeaWorld Partners Have Jumped Ship?

    © iStock.com/sethakan
  • Laid Off by SeaWorld? Help Animals—Be a Whistleblower

  • Help the Orcas—Urge Companies to Sever Their Ties With SeaWorld

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