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Campaign Updates

Luna the Beluga, a Sexual Abuse Survivor and Marine Park Sufferer, Gives Birth to SeaWorld’s Latest Victim

Workers violated Luna, forcibly impregnating her to create a living prop for the park’s shows. She rejected her first baby. Now this one, her fourth, is doomed to a life of suffering.

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A Vet Visited SeaWorld for PETA—We Want the USDA to Investigate Her Findings

Animals with eye problems, tooth damage, rake marks, and zero enrichment are suffering in concrete tanks while SeaWorld exposes them and everyone else there to deadly disease.

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Dolphin Obituaries: What It’s Really Like to Live and Die at SeaWorld

At SeaWorld, Bossa, Lily, and Puka were used as breeding machines to create generations of dolphins confined to small concrete tanks for life. Now, all three are dead.

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PETA Urges: Lay Off the Animals, Not the Workers!

More than 1,000 SeaWorld employees have been laid off since “Blackfish.” Had the park laid off the orcas instead, its business wouldn’t be sinking.

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Years Later, ‘Blackfish’ Impact Still Costing SeaWorld Millions

Years after allegedly lying about the negative impact “Blackfish” had on SeaWorld, the “abusement” park company is paying big bucks to settle a lawsuit linked to the damning film.

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UPDATE: Top SeaWorld Execs Get Bonuses While 90% of Employees Are Furloughed

SeaWorld can’t pay 90% of its employees during the coronavirus pandemic, but it just found $6.8 million in stock options to give to six top-earning executives.

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Self-Isolation Got You Feeling Trapped? Try Being a Dolphin at SeaWorld

SeaWorld is closed because of the coronavirus, but it should’ve closed long ago for cruelty. Tell the park not to reopen until all the dolphins and whales are released to seaside sanctuaries.

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SeaWorld Loses Another Sponsor: Snickers

Once the “official candy bar of SeaWorld,” Snickers has made the savvy and conscientious decision to end its sponsorship of the shady company.

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A Seaside Sanctuary Is in the Works! SeaWorld, Time’s Up

Plans for a seaside sanctuary off the coast of Nova Scotia are in the works, and PETA is telling SeaWorld’s CEO, “Time’s up.”

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PETA Campaign Ends Cruel ‘Dolphin Surfing’ at SeaWorld

Victory! SeaWorld has been forced to stop treating dolphins like surfboards and will soon stop making trainers stand on their faces in demeaning circus-style shows.

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