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Campaign Updates

Self-Isolation Got You Feeling Trapped? Try Being a Dolphin at SeaWorld

SeaWorld is closed because of the coronavirus, but it should’ve closed long ago for cruelty. Tell the park not to reopen until all the dolphins and whales are released to seaside sanctuaries.

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SeaWorld Loses Another Sponsor: Snickers

Once the “official candy bar of SeaWorld,” Snickers has made the savvy and conscientious decision to end its sponsorship of the shady company.

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A Seaside Sanctuary Is in the Works! SeaWorld, Time’s Up

Plans for a seaside sanctuary off the coast of Nova Scotia are in the works, and PETA is telling SeaWorld’s CEO, “Time’s up.”

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PETA Campaign Ends Cruel ‘Dolphin Surfing’ at SeaWorld

Victory! SeaWorld has been forced to stop treating dolphins like surfboards and will soon stop making trainers stand on their faces in demeaning circus-style shows.

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SeaWorld’s ‘Orca Encounter’ News Is an Exercise in Smoke and Mirrors

“One Ocean”? “Orca Encounter”? It doesn’t matter what SeaWorld calls it—to the orcas who will still be forced to perform in shows, captivity is captivity.

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SeaWorld Wouldn’t Help Tilikum—Urge It to Help His Son Kyuquot

An early, miserable death in a concrete tank could be Kyuquot’s and other captive orcas’ fate—unless SeaWorld ends its decades of animal torment and empties its tanks.

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50 Terrible Things SeaWorld Has Done Since Corky’s Capture 50 Years Ago

To reflect on the 50 years Corky has spent in captivity, we’re listing 50 awful things that have taken place at SeaWorld since her December 11, 1969, abduction.

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Here’s How Far SeaWorld Goes to Control Workers and Hide Animal Abuse

According to numerous scathing reports, every SeaWorld employee is forced to participate in the company’s conspiracy to keep its rampant abuse hidden from the public.

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11 Years Ago Today, SeaWorld Claimed the Life of Duncan the Dolphin

Shuffled from theme park to theme park, bred over and over, and held captive until his death: This is Duncan’s story.

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HISTORIC: TripAdvisor Denounces SeaWorld, Marine Mammal Captivity

The world’s largest travel site is once again taking a stand against animal abuse after working with PETA.

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