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PETA has long been interested in the Pokémon universe. We’ve always considered how the treatment of the game’s “Pocket Monsters” reflects human behavior toward animals in the real world. This #BoycottSeaWorldDay, we found ourselves wondering what the equivalent of a marine park would be in the Pokémon regions of Alola, Hoenn, or Galar. What would Pokémon: SeaWorld Edition look like?

peta pokemon seaworld parody game box art

In Pokémon Sapphire Version, a Kyogre is a legendary character with the ability to expand oceans. But in our proposed parody, Pokémon: SeaWorld Edition, this dolphin-like Pokémon would get the same treatment as cetaceans held captive in SeaWorld’s cramped tanks. After being traumatically torn away from their ocean homes or bred into a life of deprivation, severely crowded and understimulated Kyogres and Wailmers (spherical whale-like Pokémon) would have to perform meaningless tricks in captivity in order to be fed. Their human trainers wouldn’t just ride on their backs as if they were “living surfboards”—in a cruel and “super effective” move, they would also stand on their faces.

A cartoon character riding a shark on a surfboard at Seaworld.

When it comes to exploitation, Team Aqua has nothing on SeaWorld.

SeaWorld continues to breed and exploit bottlenose and Pacific white-sided dolphins while ignoring their natural needs. Trainers use the dolphins as surfboards, riding on their backs and standing on their faces in cruel and demeaning circus-style tricks. The animals’ well-being is severely compromised by their confinement and use in these stunts. The physical and social stress that they routinely endure in captivity often results in painful injuries.


Just as has happened with animals at SeaWorld, the stress of captivity would eventually cause Water-type Pokémon to fight back against their human trainers.

While Pokémon: SeaWorld Edition will never become a real game, you can still check out PETA’s existing Pokémon parody games and share this post using the hashtag #BoycottSeaWorldDay.

Be the best there ever was: Take action for real dolphins at SeaWorld.

Tell SeaWorld to stop allowing trainers to ride on dolphins’ backs and stand on their faces:

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