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Corky has been held in a concrete tank longer than any other wild-caught orca. It’s time for her decades of deprivation to end. Dozens of animal advocates in the Los Angeles area came together to hold up a 1.5-mile-long “Free Corky” banner:

A long piece of fabric on the Seaworld beach.

The Canadian orca research organization OrcaLab made the banner from more than 17,000 panels of artwork created for Corky by compassionate individuals in countries around the globe.

A group of people standing on the beach with a Seaworld banner.

It’s no wonder that Corky’s story has inspired so many people to take action.

A group of people standing around a large blanket at the beach.

Violently abducted from her home and family in 1969, she has known nothing but misery in a concrete tank for nearly 50 years. Corky was forced to endure seven pregnancies to give birth to calves for display and was kept continually pregnant for almost a decade of her life. None of her calves survived more than 47 days. Her last stillborn fetus was found at the bottom of the holding tank.

SeaWorld refuses to let Corky spend her remaining years in freedom, even though she could go to a marine sanctuary in her home waters off the shore of British Columbia. Corky’s brother and sister frequent the area around Blackfish Sound, so Corky likely would be able to see them again.

What You Can Do

Tell SeaWorld that Corky has suffered enough. She deserves to be retired to Blackfish Sound and have a semblance of the life that was stolen from her.

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