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When it comes to keeping orcas in captivity, the issue really is black and white. So two PETA members slathered themselves in black-and-white bodypaint and climbed over the carousel at San Antonio International Airport to remind travelers that for the animals at SeaWorld, there’s no vacation, no visit with the family, and no ticket out.

A group of people standing in front of a luggage carousel.

The demonstration coincides with Memorial Day weekend, when the park begins opening every day and forcing animals to perform continually for visitors.

A group of people holding signs in an airport.

Police escorted the “orcas” out of the airport and released them outside to go their way—much like PETA and many other cetacean advocates have offered to do for the 24 orcas imprisoned in SeaWorld’s tiny chlorinated tanks.

A group of people looking at a luggage with a sign on it.

A dog in a bag with a sign that says seward kills seward.

PETA and toy manufacturer the Munchkin company—which pulled the orca toy from its bath set, declaring that a bathtub is too small for an orca—offered $2 million to construct protected ocean sanctuaries in which the animals could finally dive, swim freely, use their sonar without having it reverberate off tank walls, feel ocean currents, and enjoy some semblance of a natural life. SeaWorld did not accept the offer.

A group of people holding signs at an airport.

What You Can Do

The captive animals at SeaWorld have suffered enough, and Takara’s new baby deserves to experience life outside a concrete bathtub. Tell the parks to release the animals into sea sanctuaries today.

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