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Not content to leave well enough alone after the California Coastal Commission (CCC) handed SeaWorld San Diego a compromise deal that gave the marine abusement park the go-ahead for its Blue World Project —with the caveat that it could no longer breed or import orcas—SeaWorld has filed a lawsuit over the ruling.

SeaWorld isn’t doing itself any favors by drawing more attention to its true intentions and admitting that the primary goal of renovating the tanks is not to give orcas more space but rather to subject even more orcas to a lifetime of deprivation, loneliness, and frustration by breeding them.

The CCC was well within its rights to act to help orcas as part of its role in protecting all “resources” within the coastal zone—and that includes orcas held captive in cramped tanks at SeaWorld San Diego.

A group of people watching an orca whale at a zoo.

Instead of hiring lawyers, maybe SeaWorld should see an optometrist because it appears to be blind to the writing on the wall: People don’t want to see intelligent, majestic orcas reduced to swimming endless circles in glorified bathtubs.

SeaWorld’s only chance of competing in the 21st century is to do what PETA has urged the company to do for years: Ditch the orca shows and empty the tanks. It’s time that SeaWorld truly did what’s best for the animals by supporting coastal sanctuaries and cutting-edge educational experiences without live animals.

What You Can Do

Please tell SeaWorld to stop breeding orcas and retire the remaining orcas in its parks to seaside sanctuaries.

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