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This weekend, 130,000 people will cram into San Diego for the 2014 Comic-Con International. But so far, the top story in the lead-up to the event isn’t about a celebrity attendee or the preview of a hot new movie or TV series. It’s about a graphic cartoon ad that depicts a captive orca holding SeaWorld CEO Jim Atchison in his mouth:

He will let you go if you let him go.

As part of our campaign against SeaWorld, PETA teamed up with Bluewater Productions, known for its edgy spoofs of controversial topics, to place the 20-foot ad at the San Diego airport just in time to greet Comic-Con attendees arriving in SeaWorld’s hometown.

“Comic-Con fans love blood and guts when they’re fake, but at SeaWorld, it’s all too real for comfort,” said Bluewater founder Darren Davis. “The orcas are desperate to be free. That’s why trainers have been killed, and that’s what we’re depicting in this campaign with PETA.”

While Atchison hasn’t really been pulled underwater by a captive orca, he is watching as his company’s reputation and profits sink. E-mail Atchison and tell him to do the right thing and set the captive animals free.

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