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Campaign Updates

Welcome to San Diego airport sign

PETA, ACLU Sue Airport for Rejecting Kathy Najimy Anti-SeaWorld Ad

PETA and the ACLU have filed a lawsuit against the San Diego airport after it wrongly refuses to run PETA’s new anti-SeaWorld ad starring Kathy Najimy.

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An orca jumping out of a SeaWorld tank

California Bill Would Free Orcas at SeaWorld

The captive orcas at SeaWorld San Diego have a long-awaited chance at freedom.

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An orca is floating in a glass tank at SeaWorld. © Free Morgan Foundation

Feds Cite SeaWorld Again for Expired Veterinary Drugs, Crumbling Stage

PETA complaint prompted the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to cite SeaWorld’s Orlando park for violations of the Animal Welfare Act.

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aerial view of orca tank at seaworld

PETA Shareholder Resolution Calls On SeaWorld to Shift Orcas to Sanctuaries

Last year when SeaWorld stock went public, PETA became shareholders so that we could attend and speak at annual meetings and submit shareholder resolutions asking for policy changes.

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A woman in a red shirt is standing in front of a blue background.

SeaWorld’s Open Letter

In defense of its abusement park, SeaWorld unleashed an expensive and inaccurate ad campaign in newspapers across the country. PETA’s Lisa Lange sets the record straight.

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A group of people looking at an orca whale in a tank. © Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals

SeaWorld Shareholders Bail

Even though SeaWorld just went public last spring, a subsidiary of The Blackstone Group, the private-equity giant that controls SeaWorld Entertainment Inc., has sold 19.5 million shares of its SeaWorld stock.

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Old SeaWorld of Hurt logo

Rose Parade Officials: Cancel or Change SeaWorld’s Float!

PETA is urging Tournament of Roses President R. Scott Jenkins to require an update to SeaWorld’s float design that more accurately depicts what the orcas at SeaWorld endure.

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Demonstrators at SeaWorld, including one in an orca costume

In Wake of ‘Blackfish,’ SeaWorld Chair Dumps Stock

Things at SeaWorld are not looking good—even its owners are jumping ship.

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A crowd of people watching Tilikum at a SeaWorld show

PETA Calls for Cruelty-to-Animals Charges Against Seaworld

On the 30th anniversary of the capture of Tilikum PETA submitted a formal complaint urging Florida State Attorney Jeffery Ashton to investigate the park and to pursue felony charges for alleged violations of Florida’s anti-cruelty statute.

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A beluga whale swimming in a SeaWorld tank

More Death at SeaWorld: Young Beluga Dies at SeaWorld

Another animal has died prematurely at the hands of SeaWorld—this time a 4-year-old female beluga, Bella, who was born at SeaWorld San Antonio.

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