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SeaWorld has been in hot water since Blackfish showed the mental anguish of orcas taken from the great oceans and trapped for eternity in SeaWorld’s tanks—and now court documents discovered by PETA have revealed that SeaWorld also pumps these marine animals full of psychotropic drugs so that it can keep the frustrated orcas confined together and continue to force them to perform stupid tricks:

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If SeaWorld executives were incarcerated within our prison system, they would experience luxurious accommodations compared to the conditions that highly social, intelligent marine animals imprisoned at SeaWorld’s marine parks experience. The conditions under which these orcas live cause them to lash out, chew their own teeth to the nubs, endanger the public, and attack their trainers. SeaWorld can dress the issue up however it likes, but when investors want out, it’s a sign that the end is near.

What You Can Do

Save your money and help orcas and dolphins by never buying a ticket to SeaWorld, and tell everyone you know to watch Blackfish now on Netflix streaming.


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