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Even though SeaWorld just went public last spring, a subsidiary of The Blackstone Group, the private-equity giant that controls SeaWorld Entertainment Inc., has sold 19.5 million shares of its SeaWorld stock. This means that the company will no longer own a majority stake in the abusement theme park, right after SeaWorld Entertainment Inc.’s own chair of the board unloaded nearly $1.3 million worth of company stock.

Are they seeing the writing on the tank’s walls?

A group of people looking at an orca whale in an aquarium.© Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals

Last April, PETA purchased the smallest number of shares that enables us under U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission rules to attend and speak at annual meetings and to submit shareholder resolutions asking for policy changes. Attendance is dropping, scheduled acts are bailing, and the buzz over the riveting documentary Blackfish continues to grow.

What You Can Do

Save your money and help orcas and dolphins by never buying a ticket to SeaWorld, and tell everyone you know to watch Blackfish now on Netflix streaming.

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