• obie

    It’s OK to Cry for Obie the Walrus, Driven Psychotic by Living at SeaWorld for 18 Years

  • Takara with one of her calves

    Raped, Impregnated, and Confined to a Concrete Cell: Meet Takara

  • seaworld-orca-on-side

    SeaWorld Attendance and Stock Continue to Tank

  • Krysten Ritter

    Krysten Ritter Fights for Orcas

  • floating-orca

    SeaWorld Has Orcas in Spain, and They’re Suffering, Too

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  • Dolphin

    Breaking: National Aquarium Announces That Dolphins Will Go to Sanctuary

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  • orca-upside-down

    An Orca Desperate to Get Home: Morgan Deliberately Beached Herself

  • Orca leaping

    Sea Sanctuaries Are a Sure Thing—Get With the Program, SeaWorld

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  • sea lion sealion

    Urge ‘Sesame Street’ to Stop Promoting SeaWorld!

  • Captive Dolphins

    Captive Dolphins Need a Full, Rich Social Life

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