• Orca Leaping

    Victory! Mattel Orders SeaWorld Trainer Barbie Out of the Pool

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  • Captive Dolphins

    Animal Deaths and Disrepair Uncovered at New SeaWorld CEO’s Past Parks

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  • Lolita Looking Bored in Her Tank

    PETA Appeals to SeaWorld’s New CEO—Be Bold, Be Just!

  • sea lion sealion

    What SeaWorld’s New Ad Should REALLY Say 

  • Captive Dolphins

    Captivity Bites: SeaWorld Ends Its Public Dolphin-Feeding Program

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  • Orca at Sunset

    How Many SeaWorld Partners Have Jumped Ship?

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  • beluga

    Beluga Whale Dies at SeaWorld Orlando

  • 8-reasons-premature-death

    9 Times SeaWorld Lied to Your Face

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  • slide_10

    The Heartbreaking Real-Life Capture of Orcas

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  • SeaWorld Protesters at CEO Joel Manby's Home

    Protesters Descend on Georgia Home of New SeaWorld CEO