• orca-at-seaworld

    PETA Statement on New SeaWorld CEO

  • sea lion sealion

    What SeaWorld’s New Ad Should REALLY Say 

  • dolphin-confined

    Bottlenose Dolphin Dies at Seaworld Orlando

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  • Penguins in an enclosure at a trade show for SeaWorld

    Protesters Make Waves at Travel Expo Outside SeaWorld Booth

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    SeaWorld’s Accreditation Under Fire

  • Captive Dolphins

    Captivity Bites: SeaWorld Ends Its Public Dolphin-Feeding Program

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  • Orca at Sunset

    How Many SeaWorld Partners Have Jumped Ship?

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    Beluga Whale Dies at SeaWorld Orlando

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    9 Times SeaWorld Lied to Your Face

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    The Heartbreaking Real-Life Capture of Orcas

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