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After 33 years in captivity, Tilikum—the subject of the documentary Blackfish—is dead. Across the country, animal advocates have gathered at vigils outside SeaWorld parks to mourn and remember his life. May he be the last orca to die in the company’s concrete prisons.

Compassionate people everywhere are pushing SeaWorld to do the right thing and release the orcas it still holds captive in tiny concrete tanks. These animals should be transferred to coastal sanctuaries, where they could live out the remainder of their days with some semblance of the natural opportunities that marine parks have denied them.

Below are photos taken at some of the vigils happening around the country in Tilikum’s honor:


Only in death is Tilikum finally free. But for the other orcas stuck in abusement parks, there’s still a chance for a happy ending. Use the link below to join us in pushing SeaWorld to do right by these long-suffering animals and release them into seaside sanctuaries—and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

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