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Campaign Updates

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During rush hour on Friday, PETA members hung 39 inflatable “dead orcas” from ropes on seven Los Angeles overpasses along the 101 Freeway—one for every orca who has died on SeaWorld’s watch. The demonstrators also unfurled giant banners on three of the bridges that read, “SeaWorld Kills Orcas,” “Orcas Dead on SeaWorld’s Watch: 39 and Counting …,” and “Boycott SeaWorld.” The large-scale demonstration comes in response to a recent SeaWorld marketing campaign targeting Los Angeles residents.

The reaction was impressive, to say the least. To show their support, hundreds of drivers honked, pumped their fists, and gave participants a thumbs up. Television crews came out to film, and several bystanders stopped to ask questions and give their support.

SeaWorld continues to exploit and kill animals for entertainment, despite its misleading ads. PETA is calling on Los Angeles families to stay away until the company releases all the animals it holds captive into seaside sanctuaries.

PETA notes that in the wild, orcas work cooperatively to find food, forge intricate relationships, and traverse up to 100 miles of ocean every day. At SeaWorld, they’re housed in incompatible groups inside tiny tanks and given the drug diazepam to manage stress-induced aggressive behavior.

What You Can Do

Join us in speaking up today! Help all the animals imprisoned by SeaWorld by taking a moment to ask the company to implement a firm and rapid plan to release them into sanctuaries, where they’ll be given some semblance of the natural life that they’ve been denied for so long.

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