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It seems as if Jim Atchison has finally had enough. He is reportedly “stepping down” as CEO of beleaguered SeaWorld, effective January 15. And who could blame him? Under his watch, the company has seen lawsuits, tanking stock, canceled performances by musical acts, falling ticket sales, and, of course, continued deprivation for the orcas.

And the bad news for the parks doesn’t end there. The company is also announcing an internal restructuring “that will result in the loss of some positions.” That certainly sounds like PR-speak for layoffs.

An orca whale swimming in the ocean.© iStock.com/DaveRig

Unlike SeaWorld’s employees, the marine mammals who are forced to entertain visitors every day would be happy to get a pink slip. PETA is urging SeaWorld to pull the plug on its downward spiral and release the marine mammals at its parks to coastal sanctuaries where visitors could observe them in their natural habitats. The company could then fill park space with rides, virtual reality experiences, and other modern attractions that would help it recover from being named one of the worst companies in America.

Help us keep the pressure on. Urge all your friends to tell SeaWorld to release the marine mammals it holds captive today.

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