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SeaWorld is losing money as fast as it’s losing patrons. Thursday’s stock report showed that shares of SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc., had dropped by another 2.19 percent, bringing the price to $26.83, the lowest that it has ever been.

Stock analysts estimate that one possible reason for the latest slump is the end of SeaWorld’s 25-year partnership with Southwest Airlines. While the airline’s public statement said that the split was because of “shifting priorities,” Southwest had been under intense pressure—including years of discussions with PETA and e-mails from nearly 90,000 of our supporters—to dissociate itself from SeaWorld.

Visitors are dissociating themselves, too. Attendance at the parks dropped 13 percent in the first quarter of 2014, and we bet it’s going down, down, down still.

Stock prices and attendance are showing no signs of a rebound anytime soon, which is great news for captive marine mammals. When SeaWorld runs out of money, it’ll be forced to get out of the abusement park business.

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