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Campaign Updates

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In response to SeaWorld’s focus on Los Angeles families with an ad blitz, hoping that this market will save its sinking ship, PETA’s debunking the company’s claims in a city-wide ad blitz of its own.

Television and radio ads are airing now on multiple Los Angeles stations, a billboard is up on the Santa Ana Freeway, and a strong local social media push will continue throughout the summer.

Anti-Seaworld protest billboard.

PETA’s making sure that Los Angelinos know that SeaWorld still keeps orcas—including a new baby who will be imprisoned for decades—in tiny concrete tanks and forces them to perform on command in what the park now calls “encounters.” And although the company has stopped breeding orcas, it still breeds other animals, bringing them into a life of suffering and artificiality.

        Description: An ______ banner that reads orcas dead on seaworld watch 39 and counting.

SeaWorld’s pouring money into a death-rattle campaign, trying to lure back audiences who have learned how animals suffer in tiny tanks. PETA’s counter-campaign exposes SeaWorld’s attempt to mislead the public, whose tolerance for profit-driven animal exploitation is at an all-time low, just like SeaWorld’s ticket sales.

What You Can Do

In addition to boycotting the abusement park, you can do more to help the animals imprisoned at SeaWorld. Click the button below to ask the company to end all animal acts at its parks and to release the animals it holds captive to seaside sanctuaries.

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