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Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s critically acclaimed documentary Blackfish centers on a captive orca named Tilikum. He was torn away from his family and ocean home when he was 2 years old, and out of frustration caused by nearly 20 years of intense confinement, isolation, and lack of emotional and intellectual stimulation, he has killed three humans. Hear what she has to say about her journey, her hope for captive orcas, and how you can help animals in the exclusive video interview below:

In her documentary, Cowperthwaite pieces together Tilikum’s story with shocking film footage, expert testimonies, and heartbreaking interviews with the people who know Tilikum better than anyone: his former trainers. Watch the trailer now:

Astonishing Animals

In the wild, orcas swim upward of 100 miles per day. But at SeaWorld and other marine parks around the world, orcas are forced to swim in tiny circles to amuse tourists and spend the majority of their lives virtually motionless in concrete tanks that are the human equivalent of a bathtub. Their important matriarchal bonds are broken when babies are taken from their mothers and sold or transferred to other parks, and captive orcas live only a fraction of their average life span.

Learn more about cruelty at SeaWorld on The PETA Podcast:

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See the Movie That Is SeaWorld’s Worst Nightmare

Didn’t catch Blackfish’s debut in theaters or on CNN? Rent it from Netflix! For updates on the Blackfish airing schedule, please visit the Blackfish movie website.

Take Action to Help Captive Orcas

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