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If you bought a ticket to SeaWorld before you knew how animals suffer at its abusement parks, you may be able to get your hard-earned money back.

A girl looking at a sign that says let them be free.

This summer, PETA’s “I, Orca” team has been taking the new orca virtual reality experience to the cities where SeaWorld parks are located. They met one woman in San Antonio who said that she and her family had gone to SeaWorld recently and were so upset at how sad the animals all seemed to be that she called the company and demanded a refund. And she got it.

Trua Floating Listlessly at SeaWorld Orlando

Trua floating listlessly at SeaWorld Orlando

What You Can Do

If you visited SeaWorld and were upset by what you saw, call the company and let park officials know. Tell them that you don’t want your money to pay for cruelty to animals, and ask for a full refund. Then tell us your story. Email [email protected].

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