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Yet another company has cut ties with SeaWorld! After hearing from PETA, Virgin America, the U.S.-based airline that serves several popular cities across North America, removed SeaWorld from its Elevate Fly Store, a rewards program in which customers can earn points toward flights by making purchases at partner retailers.

Hopefully, this move will prompt Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Group—the multinational conglomerate that formed Virgin America (but is now a separate company)—to stop promoting SeaWorld as well. PETA is planning an upcoming ad campaign to put more pressure on Branson and Virgin Group to do the right thing.

SeaWorld’s cruel treatment of marine mammals doesn’t fly with a growing number of travel companies, including Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, JetBlue, Alaska Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, STA Travel, and Montreal-based Aimia, which operates Aeroplan, one of the most popular rewards programs in Canada.

SeaWorld’s stock continues to plummet—it’s fallen more than 30 percent so far in 2014—and you can help us sink SeaWorld even further by urging Virgin Group to join Virgin America and other upstanding travel companies by severing ties with SeaWorld.

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