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As if confining orcas for their entire lives to .0001 percent of their natural range in a single day and kidnapping them from the wild aren’t disturbing enough, the following are some further reasons why SeaWorld is truly one twisted “family” establishment:

1. Repetitive harmful behavior is common, such as this orca banging his head on a landing platform.


2. The constant stress of confinement causes abnormal behavior that likely wouldn’t happen in the wild, such as vomiting.


3. At SeaWorld, 37 orcas have died, and every one of them did so before the age of 30, whereas the average life expectancy of orcas in the wild is between 30 and 50. No captive orca has come close to the maximum ages of 60 to 70 for males and more than 100 for females.


4. Stress, boredom, and depression also result from life in a cramped tank.


5. See Blackfish, the documentary that exposes SeaWorld’s cruelty.

Taking your family and friends to SeaWorld teaches them that it’s OK to confine and torture orcas and deny them their natural-born right to a family and a vast ocean home. Never purchase a ticket to SeaWorld, and tell the world that what it’s doing is NOT RIGHT.

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