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Students at California State University–Long Beach (CSULB) intended to hold a protest to demand that the school stop promoting SeaWorld by selling discounted tickets in the student union. But as it turned out, the students didn’t have to protest at all.

Just minutes before the demonstration was scheduled to start, school administrators confirmed that they were cutting ties with SeaWorld and all ticket sales and promotions. So the students turned the planned anti-SeaWorld protest into a pro–marine-mammal celebration.

A group of people holding signs that say no more seaworld at csulb.

Instead of holding demo signs, PETA’s four “orcas” delivered a bouquet of flowers to Executive Director Richard Haller of CSULB, who helped get the decision passed:

A group of people holding signs that say thank you cetacean club.

The university made its ruling following pressure from the student government and the student group Cease Animal Torture, making CSULB the first university to stop selling tickets to SeaWorld as a result of student pressure.

And considering the way things are looking for SeaWorld, CSULB certainly won’t be the last.

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