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Kalia, the daughter of Kasatka, who infamously almost killed her trainer by dragging him to the bottom of a tank repeatedly, is far younger than an orca who would give birth in nature. Yet SeaWorld, in its infinite greed, has APPARENTLY bred another marine mammal who will be condemned to a nonlife in a concrete tank, never permitted to engage in what is natural and pleasant and never given the opportunity to swim great distances in the open ocean, spend time with family, or express any other types of normal behavior.

 hyku | CC BY 2.0

Instead, to draw visitors to its amusement park, SeaWorld will put this baby through constant stress and the privations of captivity—the same dreadful fate as that of the eight orcas and 42 dolphins who died at SeaWorld San Diego alone between 1985 and 2010.

What You Can Do

SeaWorld’s reckless disregard hurts orcas and endangers those who come into contact with them. Please tell SeaWorld that you won’t visit its parks so long as it imprisons marine animals, and spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks urging everyone to follow suit.

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