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U.S. Rep. Adam B. Schiff* of California is just the latest policymaker to take on SeaWorld. Following the California Coastal Commission’s decision last month to ban orca breeding at SeaWorld San Diego if the company wants to build new tanks there, Rep. Schiff just proposed new anti-captivity legislation for orcas at a federal level. This bill calls for an ultimate end to orca imprisonment and would save many animals from a fate like this:

Rep. Schiff’s bill would amend both the Animal Welfare Act to ban the breeding of orcas and the Marine Mammal Protection Act to stop the capture and importation of orcas for public display.

PETA applauds Rep. Schiff for introducing a bill that reflects public opinion in favor of ending the archaic and cruel practice of keeping orcas in captivity. Everyone from children to members of Congress now recognizes that in SeaWorld’s tanks, orcas suffer both physically and psychologically, are drugged, lash out as a result of extreme frustration, and die prematurely.

The passage of this bill would mark the beginning of the end of that kind of marine prison in the U.S. The ocean is where orcas belong, and when this humane bill passes, SeaWorld should finally get the message and start sending these wonderful beings to seaside sanctuaries, where, at long last, they can experience some semblance of a natural life.

What You Can Do

You don’t have to be in Congress to speak up for orcas. Share this post, and tell SeaWorld to retire the orcas to ocean sanctuaries.

*PETA supports animal rights, opposes all forms of animal exploitation, and educates the public on those issues. PETA does not directly or indirectly participate or intervene in any political campaign in behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office or any political party.

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