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This time, it is skin off SeaWorld’s nose. Panama Jack has ended its stint as the park’s “Official Sun Care” Partner, which spanned more than a decade. With no sunscreen partner to speak of, maybe SeaWorld execs will start to understand how the sunburned orcas feel?

Panama Jack’s sponsorship officially ends on February 28, but the company has already removed SeaWorld’s logo from its website. The sunscreen giant said that it made the decision for business reasons, and it isn’t hard to see why. SeaWorld’s stock dropped 50 percent in 2014, and attendance, profit, and revenue have plummeted as well. Its shareholders are suing the company for allegedly misleading them about the impact that Blackfish had on attendance.

Panama Jack joins a long list of companies that have cut ties with SeaWorld, including Alaska Airlines, Hyundai Motor America, JetBlue, Savings.com, Southwest Airlines, STA Travel, Taco Bell, United Airlines, Vacation Resorts International, and Virgin America.

It’s time for AAA to join their ranks. E-mail AAA and ask the company to stop promoting marine-mammal abusement parks.

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