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Another baby lies dead at SeaWorld.

An infant beluga whale was born in early July at SeaWorld Orlando to captive mother Whisper—and died almost immediately afterward. In a statement, SeaWorld said that the weak calf “surfaced only briefly before sinking to the bottom of the pool.” The exact reason for the calf’s death is unknown, but it appears that he or she was the latest victim of SeaWorld’s continued breeding of a wide variety of species, including polar bears, beluga whales, and dolphins.

A white whale with a baby swimming in the water.© iStock.com/cmeder

The calf makes the fourth marine-mammal death at SeaWorld so far this year. In April, polar bear Szenja died after SeaWorld shipped her companion of 20 years, Snowflake, to the Pittsburgh Zoo for breeding. A month later, a Commerson’s dolphin calf, who may have been inbred, died minutes after being born. And in January, marine-animal advocates around the world mourned the death of Tilikum, the tormented orca whose story began the demise of SeaWorld.

In just seven months, four marine mammals have paid the ultimate price in these captive-animal abusement parks. Tell SeaWorld that it’s time for the remaining animals to be released into the protected sea sanctuaries that groups like The Whale Sanctuary Project are preparing to build.

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