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Things at SeaWorld are not looking good—even its owners are jumping ship. Following declining ticket sales and a public outcry over the documentary Blackfish, the chair of SeaWorld’s board of directors David D’Alessandro sold 43,179 shares of the company’s stock.

The move is not surprising considering the criticism that SeaWorld has faced since Blackfish aired on CNN in October and November. The documentary trended on Twitter during its first airing, and it’s continued to receive attention as dozens of celebrities such as Rob Lowe, Zach Braff, and Michelle Rodriguez urge their followers to boycott the marine animal prison. PETA, too, has been working tirelessly to raise awareness of Blackfish: Most recently, PETA demonstrators protested a SeaWorld float that is scheduled to appear in the Rose Parade this January, and PETA called on authorities in Florida to charge SeaWorld with felony cruelty to animals.

A black and white penguin mascot.

As long as SeaWorld keeps orcas like Blackfish‘s Tilikum cooped up in tanks away from everything that’s meaningful and important to them, the antiquated park will keep sinking. Take action here by asking SeaWorld to retire the orcas to marine mammal sanctuaries.

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