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Savings.com is now in the business of saving animals. When PETA saw that the website, which specializes in digital coupons,was offering deals on SeaWorld tickets, we wrote to CEO Loren Bendele and explained how orcas and dolphins are abused at the parks. We urged him to remove all SeaWorld promotions from his site. Bendele let us know that he had watched Blackfish and vowed never to go near the abusement park again and that he would be happy to stop promoting marine mammal captivity.

A killer whale in the water at night.©Ingrid N. Visser, Ph.D.

Savings.com is the latest company to sever ties with SeaWorld. STA Travel, Taco Bell, Outdoorplay.com, and others all decided to put an ocean of distance between themselves and SeaWorld’s notorious abuse of its captive animals. And that’s in addition to the throngs of musicians who have pulled out of scheduled performances and forbidden the parks from playing their music.

The trend will likely continue as more disturbing facts about SeaWorld come to light. Take, for example, the company’s claim to be a “conservation organization.” Our friends at Sea Shepherd crunched the numbers and found that the park actually donates only 0.0001 percent of its income to help animals in the wild. Not exactly a big spender.

Facts like those led the L.A. Times to call the parks “high-profit water circuses” and declare, “[I]t’s time for the circus to end.”

The majestic animals held captive at SeaWorld have all had their life expectancies cut drastically short. Turnabout is fair play, SeaWorld.


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