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Anyone with common sense knows that SeaWorld is a dreadful place. It’s a place where majestic, intelligent orcas—who are meant to swim 100 miles a day in the ocean—are imprisoned in tiny tanks where they can only swim in small circles. Ignoring the abuse has become both unpopular and outdated. With help from the widespread success of Blackfish, many celebrities have publicly voiced their opinion against SeaWorld and taken a stand for captive orcas.

Aaron Paul: In the middle of the epic final season of Breaking Bad, the man who brought Jesse Pinkman to life took the time to blast SeaWorld.

Tommy Lee: The rocker had a whale of a problem with SeaWorld.

Cher: The legend herself made a point of going after SeaWorld repeatedly.

Joakim Noah: The NBA star really summed it up perfectly.

Jessica Biel: The gorgeous actor demanded respect for animals.

Steve-O: Never one to be shy, the professional prankster was willing to break the law to make his point.

And let’s not forget these gems from 2013 after the initial release of Blackfish and the beginning of SeaWorld’s continuing demise:

Russell Brand: He’s a comedian, an activist, a movie reviewer—and a SeaWorld hater.

Ariana Grande: This proud vegan loves animals too much to support SeaWorld ever again.

Ellen Page: PETA’s Sexiest Celebrity Vegetarian of 2014 expressed her disgust after watching Blackfish and seeing the horrors of SeaWorld.

Jason Biggs: The star of the funniest SeaWorld “ad” of the year, uses his sarcastic wit for good, not evil.

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