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Animals enslaved at SeaWorld can’t speak out about the tiny tanks that they are crammed into or the pain of being torn away from their families. Say NO to SeaWorld on their behalf by refusing to purchase tickets to the marine park, just as the following parents have chosen to do:

please-help-girl-204x180As quoted by the Daily News after her family saw an orca attack and
kill a trainer on her son’s 10th birthday, one parent said of her son:

“He never cried much before. Now he’s angry all the time. And he’s not eating. The school’s had some counseling for him. … It affected all of us. I’ll start crying while driving. I mean, we saw her face. She made it to the surface and she looked directly at us. I see that face every night before I go to bed.”

“SeaWorld likes to claim their shows are educational, but how educational is it watching a sea lion bounce a ball off its nose, an Orca splash an audience, or a dolphin dragging a trainer around a swimming pool? Come on, we have plenty of great nature documentaries that are truly educational. Observing sea life in its natural state is awe-inspiring and much more educational for children and adults. Never buy a ticket!”

sad-boy-204“I will never forget the dolphin “petting” tank where you buy fish to feed them and pet them. ALL of their noses were badly injured and scarred from abuse. I wondered first, what kind of person injures a dolphin purposefully, then I thought, what kind of place allows dolphins to be abused by its patrons? We have not been back since.”

“I loved going there until Yahoo and all other Internet sources published an article about the confinement, the way they capture these animals, and the way that these creatures are cared for. … I am far from an animal rights activist and just recently vegan, but places such as the zoo and SeaWorld do things to better themselves and their business but forget to consider the animals.”

“My first glimpse into how society treats animals was when I took my 6-month-old daughter to SeaWorld. I sat in awe as I watched their killer whale show—as many uneducated onlookers, I still found it pretty impressive. However, as we were leaving the stadium, we walked past the holding pools, and there was an orca lying on the bottom of the tank motionless. As I looked into his eyes, I knew there was something wrong. In the following days, I did a lot of research online, and I was absolutely horrified. I learned that the Orca’s name was Sumar, and I felt as if he spoke to me that day. How did I not know about [his suffering] when it was so blatantly obvious? After researching more about SeaWorld, I came across so much more shocking information about the mistreatment of animals in ALL areas of society and had to do something about it. After becoming more and more involved in the community and being introduced and exposed to the horrors of the food industry, I felt like going vegan was something I absolutely HAD to do. Since my decision to go vegan, Sumar has since died at the hands of humans, and I am forever indebted to him for making such an impact in my life.”

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