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Sure, PETA doesn’t care much for SeaWorld—this you knew. But every day, compassionate consumers are learning the truth—that the animals at SeaWorld are being used for profit. Their tanks are too small, they’re understimulated, and their health and well-being are in question.

You know where we stand, but don’t take our word for it! Check out these Yelp reviews from people who learned, too late, what a trip to SeaWorld is REALLY like:

1. Drops mic.

2. We think so, too.

3. Sprechen Sie TRUTH?

Here it is in English: “Not up to date, tanks far too small, poor animals, park is only out for maximum profit with minimal effort put in. You can see it throughout the entire park. Super expensive to eat and drink in the park. The whole park is far too small. An amusement park in which there are animals, but they are the ones who suffer, a circus with animals, never again. Overall, it’s not worth seeing at all. I don’t understand the whole hype about Seaworld.”

4. “I love animals so I can’t enjoy this.”

5. You’re rightthis place IS awful. And you could always move. 😉

6. “I actually find it to be a very depressing environment. I think anyone would that’s aware of their surroundings.”

7. You don’t need to “keep up on animal rights” to know when something is blatantly cruel. Side note: The orcas have no escape from the hot sun, either.

8. I sh*t you not.

9. Yes. All of it. Yes.

Do your research and find out for yourself. The way you spend your money makes a difference. Have you been to a SeaWorld park and had a terrible time—did your opinion of SeaWorld change? Join these people in spreading the word on Yelp today, and be sure to share this post with your friends and family.

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