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How Many Dolphins Have Died at SeaWorld in the Last 10 Years?

The next time you hear someone try to wax poetic about SeaWorld’s “conservation efforts,” hit him or her with this number.

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Now That’s a Reward! More Airlines Dump SeaWorld

Virgin America airline removed SeaWorld from its points-based reward store after learning from PETA that marine mammals suffer in captivity.

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Live-Tweeting SeaWorld of Hurt

SeaWorld San Diego got a surprise yesterday when PETA arrived on a mission to live-tweet a day documenting the orcas, dolphins, and other marine animals held there in captivity for their entire lives.

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Guess Who’s Cutting Ties With SeaWorld Now?

The list of companies that are cutting ties with SeaWorld just keeps getting longer.

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SeaWorld Plans to Build Bigger Orca Boxes

In the face of PETA protests, “Blackfish” backlash, plummeting ticket sales, and tanking stock prices, SeaWorld grasps at straws .

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Catch ‘The Fast and the Furious’ vs. SeaWorld!

How fast can we save Tilikum? Ask a Lamborghini.

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‘Pets Ahoy’ and ‘Pets Rule!’ Shows Mean Even More Cruelty at SeaWorld

Unfortunately, it isn’t just marine mammals who are being abused and forced to perform confusing, uncomfortable tricks at SeaWorld parks.

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Will SeaWorld Call It Quits? Stock Hits All-Time Low

SeaWorld is losing money as fast as it’s losing patrons.

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See the Awesome Way That Mötley Crüe Bashed SeaWorld at Their Concert

The bad boys of rock proved what good-hearted guys they are when they led fans in a “SeaWorld Kills” scavenger hunt.

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Happy Day for Orcas! Southwest Airlines Calls it Quits with SeaWorld

Following a three-year PETA campaign, Southwest Airlines is ending its partnership with marine abusement park SeaWorld.

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