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SeaWorld Has Orcas in Spain, and They’re Suffering, Too

A scathing new report shows that orcas theme park in Spain—and SeaWorld’s to blame.

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Personal Ads to SeaWorld CEO Joel Manby Appear on Florida Billboards

That’s the message that SeaWorld CEO Joel Manby is seeing on new billboards that PETA has launched within minutes of SeaWorld Orlando, reminding would-be visitors of the plight of Tilikum…

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Stephen Busken

Gillian Anderson to SeaWorld: Release the Orcas

Stephen Busken This morning, X-Files star and PETA friend Gillian Anderson will confront SeaWorld during its online annual meeting by submitting a question on behalf of PETA—which owns stock in…

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An Orca Desperate to Get Home: Morgan Deliberately Beached Herself

She is frantic to get back to the ocean home that she remembers and misses.

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The Worst-Performing Major Theme Park in North America Is …

What’s the worst-performing major theme park in North America? If you guessed SeaWorld San Diego, whale then, you’d be right. In the annual report by consulting firm AECOM and nonprofit…

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60 Percent of Orca Deaths at SeaWorld May Result From Infection

The orcas aren’t dying from old age at SeaWorld.

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Credit Suisse Says SeaWorld’s Stock Will Sink

It’s official: SeaWorld’s orca tanks are tanking its business.

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